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Hatch has considerable expertise of designing creative interiors for residential homes. Its interior design projects combine structural alteration and re-planning, with the co-ordinated use of light, color, sound, materials and textures, in order to create an overall effect that is individually stylish yet functional. We develop creative interiors that are easy to live with.

Hatch undertakes interior designs for residential properties of all shapes and sizes. In addition to designing the kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms, our interior design ideas often include the creation of new space such as extensions, basements and conservatories and may involve altering room layouts and room usage. As interior designers we are qualified to draw up architectural plans and manage the structural work on your behalf.

An initial consultation is provided at the outset of any interior design project. This enables the desired requirements of the scheme to be discussed in detail.

As an experienced interior Designer’s practice, Hatch uses the consultation to understand property usage and style preferences. It designs creative interiors by concentrating on how the interior space could be improved to support the lifestyle of the occupiers. No two interior design solutions are ever the same.

The purpose of each interior design project is different. It could include creating flexible space, increasing the overall floor area, providing hidden storage, utilizing natural light, adding an office, or creating an area for relaxation.
Whatever the design objectives, Hatch has the experience and skills to develop and create unique interiors.

Creative interiors that are in keeping with the property's existing style

The main design focus of any Hatch interior design project is to create interiors that are compatible with the retained features of the property. We also take account of the property's exterior and ensure that traditional features, old family furniture or other timeless heirlooms can be incorporated into its interior designs.
Whether it is a traditional or contemporary design solution that is desired, Hatch works with clients to find the right solution.

Areas of Services in Interior Design Projects

  • Space Planning / Square Footage Optimization
  • Color Analysis
  • Theme & Concept Development
  • Image & Brand Identity Development
  • Professional Project Management
  • Construction Drawings
  • Custom Furnishings
  • Budget Development

Hatch creative interiors are developed in three distinct phases.

Hatch - Interior Design Process

Hatch normally develops creative interiors through a three-phased approach as follows:

Phase 1 - Design planning and budget costing

This first phase of the interior design scheme allows a dialogue with clients to develop. The best creative interiors stem from gaining a good understanding of the clients requirements for the property. This phase includes:

  • Interior design brief
  • Interior space planning
  • Concept design
  • Production drawings and build costs.

Phase 2 - Interior design specification

This second phase of the interior design scheme involves Hatch in producing detailed drawings and specifications for the agreed interior design scheme. The elements in this phase include:

  • Design detailing
  • Materials and product specification.

Phase 3 - Project management and build service
This final phase of the interior design scheme involves Hatch handling the implementation. Hatch undertakes the project management of the design and builds when using its own team of highly talented craftsmen and builders. Some clients undertake the project management and build themselves, but many prefer Hatch to run the interior design project, on their behalf, right up to completion. This phase typically includes:

  • Project and design management
  • Quantity surveying
  • Appointment of specialist suppliers
  • Build services.

Interior Design Trends

We at Hatch are not big believers in design trends. We feel it is all relative to your concept, clientele and location. Every space has a unique set of criteria which acts as the foundation of the entire design. However we do agree that finishes and materials fall in and out of favor. The favorability relies upon the durability, cost and the manufacturer’s improvements of a particular product. In our design practice we like to combine different finishes and materials to add creativity and interest to a space.

Materials we find favorable are:

  • Metals:   satin finish aluminum, raw steel, copper and other unique metal finishes
  • Woods:   natural maple, zebra wood, black walnut, brazilian cherry
  • Naturals fibers:   sea grass, sisal, jute
  • Glass:   sandblasted, safety, textured, stained, etched, colored
  • Fabrics:   plush velvet, natural silks, cotton, other natural fibers, sheers
  • Colors:   browns, neutral tones, greens, bold colors
  • Lighting: gels, LED, fiber optic, sconces, backlit lighting effects
  • Misc.:   faux finishes, cork, leather floor tiles, granite and all types of stone

As you can see we like a lot of materials. Again, everything is relative to its use and the concept. Our best advice is to be open to all ideas and don't be a slave to trends. Don't try to forecast what will look trendy in six months. Develop a concept that works for you, your image and location.

Concept Development

  • Restaurant, hospitality and retail Interior design consultants have an understanding of the specialized needs of a client. Helping clients develop concepts that transform their spaces into an environment that has a unified look. Working together to create a total environment that is inviting to clientele and employees.
  • Evaluation of your business and how it runs
  • Evaluation of your clientele
  • Analysis and optimization of space plan
  • Detailed survey and/or analysis of program required.
  • Conceptual ideas, sketches and floor plans showing interior changes.
  • Present the above for client's approval.


Execution of Concept

Execution of project begins after the client in presented with the concept. The execution proceeds in Phases. Phase 1 being Concept Development

Phase 2

  • Finalize all schemes and decorative treatment
  • Prepare design drawings needed for custom furniture and any interior architectural details.
  • Finalize and prepare specification of all approved selection.
  • Prepare budget costs.

Phase 3

  • During Progress of work Review all working drawings, specifications, and finished schedules submitted by contractor to ensure adherence to our design.
  • Approve all materials, finishes, and color samples submitted by contractors. Supervise all decorative work in field. Inspect all installations at job site.

Space Plan Optimization

We can help you determine the appropriate square footage necessary to run your business. We can help you evaluate spaces you are considering leasing or purchasing for your business. A floor plan determines what size space you should be looking for before you begin your search for the right property.

Color Scheme Development

Color has a great impact on our emotions and our working habits. Colors are extremely important in a hospitality, office or retail setting. Determining the best color scheme for you business is not an easy task.


  • Size of space
  • Complexity of color scheme in relation to layout.
  • Are you only looking for paint color selections?
  • Do you need and entire color scheme including flooring,
    works surfaces, etc.

A color rendering is a three dimensional drawing of the space showing the proposed colors.

We also have separate charges for each individual aspect of the design process. Giving the client the flexibility to select which services are most appropriate and affordable.

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